345 Art Creative is a multidisciplinary space that combines an art gallery, workshop studios, and a function venue.

Housed in a striking converted warehouse in the leafy Mont Albert, we are a creative hub for communities and artists. We operate on the intersection of art and design, providing workshops and events to inspire visitors from all ages.

in a nurturing and inspiring environment, our mission is to encourage the creative confidence is everyone. We aim to facilitate important and dynamic conversations that connect Melbourne thinkers, makers, painters and doers.


At 345AC, possibilities abound! We offer a curated range of experiences that cater to your diverse interests. From creative workshops and artisan markets to intimate venue hires, we’re here to make every moment special.


At 345AC, we’re dedicated to sparking joy and creativity in young minds! Our kids’ activities are designed to be both fun and educational, providing a vibrant space for children to explore their imagination.


Nestled within 345AC, our small and cozy cafe is a hidden gem, offering a tranquil respite amidst the main attractions. Step away from the bustle and into our intimate space, where every sip and bite is a delightful surprise.


The shop is where we offer the perfect gift for any occasion – our gift vouchers. Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone or expressing appreciation, our vouchers unlock a world of choice for your loved ones.