Hello 345AC Family!

Under new management, we are excited to introduce ourselves as Sabrina and Jerry, the proud new owners of 345AC. We are thrilled to be part of this community and eager to share our latest updates with you.

Not only are we committed to the success of 345AC, but we also strongly believe in community involvement and giving back. Alongside our existing charitable events supporting aged care and disabled kids, we, as Sabrina and Jerry, are excited to collaborate with the community on more charity initiatives.

Our café has undergone a transformation and is now a vibrant space for sip-and-paint kids parties. It’s a place where young artists can unleash their creativity while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Additionally, we have created a beautiful venue space available for hire, perfect for hosting a variety of events.

Despite the challenges posed by the recent completion of the level crossing project, we, Sabrina and Jerry, are determined to turn it into an opportunity for growth. We are dedicated to improving our business and providing exceptional experiences for our valued customers. We aim to bring together Melbourne’s artists, social elites, and entrepreneurs to create a series of carefully planned experiences that foster love, positive energy, growth, and inspiration. Our goal is to make every moment special and extraordinary.

As new management, we are genuinely excited about the future and can’t wait to serve you with passion and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve and make positive changes. We sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming you to our café and venue soon.

With Lots of Love and Hope,
Jerry Dai & Sabrina Wang