Primary Drawing Class

This 90 minute class is perfect for kids aged 9-12! We’ll start by doing some simple sketches using graphite pencil to get the hang of shapes and lines. As we go along, we’ll also explore other cool stuff like charcoal and acrylic paint.

At the end of the 9 lessons, we’re going to put up a special exhibition in our cafe’s gallery! We’ll pick out the best artwork created during the class and display it for everyone to see. It’s going to be awesome to show off their masterpieces to the public!

Lesson 1
The basics: Using graphite pencils from 6B down to HB, students will sketch simple shapes, straight lines, learn how to hold the pencil, pressing it gently, shading, one-point perspective
How to observe: Gridwork and proportion. How does this picture fit inside a grid of squares? How does one individual shape look inside the square? How does it look compared to all the other squares?

Lesson 2
Light and shadow. How do we capture that? Which angle does light come from? Short slideshow will accompany this lesson to show the children famous works that capture light. A very brief history of impressionism.

Lesson 3
Glass bottles and fruit. 3 studies of one object from 3 different angles. What shape is it? What size? How does the shape change when you move around it?

Lesson 4
A still life. Glass bottles and maybe fruit. Shading included, fine detail etc. The children will spend the entire lesson working on their still life.

Lesson 5
Starting charcoal! We will only spend one lesson learning charcoal, however charcoal is a great medium for understanding light and shadow. Another simple still life and a few studies will be completed during this lesson so that students can get the hang of using charcoal..

Lesson 6
Starting painting. Holding the brush, how to make gentle brushstrokes, what different shapes and types of brushes are used for. Using acrylic paint, students will learn basic color theory. How to mix colors, complementary, split complementary and analogous colors, etc. They will paint their own color wheel. If this is completed early, students will paint a very simple landscape.

Lesson 7
Studies in color. Students will essentially repeat lesson 4 but using paint. They will learn how to apply the color theory they learnt in the previous lesson. This is another exercise in observation as students will learn how to see color in relation to the entire piece and also how to isolate it.

Lesson 8
Still life in color. Another redone lesson, this time lesson 5. Students will spend time sketching out the still life to get proportion right and then paint over it to nail the colors.  

Lesson 9
In lesson 9, students will pick their own subject to paint, i.e. still life, animal snapshot, botanical study etc. They will use the last two lessons to perfect their pieces as a detailed finish to the course.

Our Rules:
1. Payment must be made in full prior to the first class. Classes will have no more than ten students.
2. We don’t offer refunds, credits for school vacation programming, credit notes, or video records for lessons missed. We may work with the instructor to come in early for make-up, or we can schedule a make-up class during the school holiday.
3. Parents do not sit inside the class with children but are welcome to drop and pick them up after class or wait in our cafe area ( the cafe will be closed ) .
4. Nut free zone, please make sure your kids do not bring snacks containing nuts. 

9 Lessons $450 per term
January: 31st | February: 7th,14th, 21st, 28th | March: 6th,13th, 20th, 27th